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About the Artist

Patricia J. Moss

As an artist, educator and counselor, Patricia’s goal is to practice mindfulness and explore perception: to truly see and portray the light, color and texture present in the world around us.  Her desire is to explore the magnificence, and tranquility of nature and share those images with others.  As an outdoor enthusiast, Patricia’s art is an exploration and meditation.  She is fascinated with the impact of nature on the human psyche and with the healing aspects of both nature and art.

Her images reflect landscapes found on Northwest hikes and the beautiful flora found in the Pacific Northwest.  From beaches and rainforests to deserts and riverbeds, her paintings echo her spiritual connectedness with God and nature. In her paintings, she finds depth and texture, by layering oils over gel mediums and painting on various surfaces from wood to canvas.  The addition of both glazing and impasto to her work have added to the depth and texture providing a soft yet bold effect.   Her more recent works have concentrated on the use of desaturated colors to add atmospheric perspective.  Always learning, she is adding to her skills, but has held fast to the portrayal of her love for nature.  From trickling waterfalls to the reflections of light dancing on water: or the vibrant colors of flowers blowing in the wind, her artwork allows us explore the wonders she sees while experiencing emotions evoked by nature. Her current projects focus on Northwest hikes along the Pacific Coast Trails and community parks.  Finding both vistas and micro viewpoints to highlight her experiences, she hopes to share her journey with others, encouraging them to practice mindfulness and gratefulness with every step taken.

Patricia began her studies as an art major, but switched degrees to pursue Psychology.  Before moving to Western Washington in 2004, she completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Whitworth University and a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Gonzaga University.  After raising three children and working as a school counselor, she began to re-explore her artistic roots.  As a Black Diamond resident, Patricia is a founder and the president of the non-profit group Black Diamond Arts Alliance.  In all, she has been painting for over 30 years.  Patricia paints in both acrylic and oil, but her greatest love is oil painting.  She has some training in the art field but is primarily a self-taught artist. 



Patricia J Moss

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Photo by Liz Lui