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On quiet mornings I sit wiht cats purring and dogs snooring at my feet.  Snuggled in blankets and drinking warm coffee, my thoughts wander and my heart dreams.

I dream of mornings with you by my side. Waking slowly to feel your breath on my skin.

I dream of long nights and soft whispers, holding whiskey and planing adventures.

I dream of fingers laced together and steps paced as one.

Of green fields that lie in wait while majestic mountains beacon and sunsets calm the soul.

I dream of joyful childrens laughter and the sight of birds gliding over crystal lakes.

A longing fills me as I dream...

Of crackeling fires and the sweet smell of jasmine in sumer air.

Every moment treasured by your side.

Gratefullness fills my heart and joy fills my soul as I remember and as I dream.

Elevate 20x10 Oil on Canvas Framed

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