Patricia J. Moss


As an artist, educator and counselor, Patricia’s goal is to practice mindfulness and explore perception: to truly see and portray the light, color and texture present in the world around us.  Her desire is to explore the magnificence, and tranquility of nature and share those images with others.  As an outdoor enthusiast, Patricia’s art is an exploration and meditation.  She is fascinated with the impact of nature on the human psyche and with the healing aspects of both nature and art.



Each Step

With each ray of light and whisper of wind

I breathe the life given.

In every drop of water

I see reflecting beauty and rejoice in the blessings that surround us.

Let us see the wonders in a world of darkness and the miracles in every detail.

The allure of winds blowing softly through branches draws my feet closer.

My beguiled soul haggard yet vivified finds solace in vowed gifts.

I pray my eyes see, my brush finds movement and my fingers unearth the inspiration intended by powers beyond understanding.


Patricia Moss